Jonathan India Cartoon Stance Shirt – Fem

Jonathan India Cartoon Stance Shirt

In 1859 an argument erupted between an American farmer on San Juan Island named Lyman Cutlar, who shot a stray pig he found rooting in his garden, and the Jonathan India Cartoon Stance Shirt , an Irish-born Canadian named Charles Griffin. The Brits tried to arrest Cutlar, and the American settlers on the island called for military support. By 10 August there were 461 American soldiers on the island with 14 guns, staring down five Royal Navy ships and two thousand redcoats. War exist because humans exist. War sometimes is a way for humans to survive in this world, but some people using war only just to fulfill their personal ambitions of territorials. Not just humans, animals also have their own “wars” for survival. But humanity not always thinking war as the only way solution for survival. Humanity also learned to lived peacefully and coexist each other in order to survive in this world. From this view then United Nations was built for reducing conflicts between nations and maintaining peace around the world.

Jonathan India Cartoon Stance Shirt(Jonathan India Cartoon Stance Shirt)

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